Art Collecting bio and links to media

Andrea Siegel, PhD, helps plan and build excellent public and private art collections. With over 20 years experience in the arts, Dr. Siegel has supported the building of both large and small collections, and facilitated the donation of over one thousand art works. Dr. Siegel wrote a doctoral dissertation about cultural work, and later earned certification from Pratt Institute as a Fine and Decorative Arts Appraiser. Dr. Siegel has taught for many years, and lectured about Building an Excellent Public Art Collection on a Small Budget, and about the Art Market.

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To see Dr. Siegel talking about art donors, go here (please note, this is a paean to generous donors for whom a public gallery was being dedicated):

To read Dr. Siegel’s talk about building at public art collection on a small budget, go here and scroll down the page, double click on the title (presented at the College Art Association annual meeting):

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