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DECIDING WHAT ART TO BUY: What is a good investment that will give me lasting pleasure?

DECIDING WHEN TO BUY ART: What’s the best time for me to buy?

AUTHENTICITY: What’s fake? How can I tell?

DETERMINING VALUE: What is the art worth?

PURCHASING: How can I get the best value when acquiring art?

STEWARDSHIP/FRAMING ART: How can I get art framed (or put on a pedestal) and installed so it looks great, and stays safe for my lifetime and future generations?


SELLING: How can I get top dollar and feel good about where it’s going?

DONATING: What is the best home for my art? And how can I be sure to get that tax deduction?

DOWNSIZING: How can I move with the best stuff for my next adventure? How do I make my clothes closet an oasis of calm and joy?