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* PLANNING A COLLECTION: Helping individuals/organizations develop and implement a Master Plan to acquire art.

* HUNTING FOR GREAT STUFF: Finding art that fits your needs at exceptional value.

* ANALYZING ART VALUES: Providing real-world research and documented sales data in order to determine values of art for purchase, appraisal, and sales.

* FINDING A GOOD PLACE TO INSTALL ART: Supervising archival framing for longterm preservation, and installing art so that it both looks great and is safe.

Letting go: Let’s find the best new home for your art.

* SELLING: Find a good place to sell art, so you are well compensated, because the art market is not transparent.

* DONATING: Find a good place to donate art, because art donation to a non-profit organization can result both in a tax deduction and in the satisfaction that art goes where it will be appreciated.

* DOWNSIZING IN GENERAL: Help sorting through stuff (fine art and other things) so the next phase of life has an abundance of what you value. And help finding a good home for stuff that is leaving.

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