What to Keep?  What to Discard?  How to organize what I have?   With her unique background in Sociology and Art Appraisal (what do my clothes mean to ME and how do they make me FEEL), Andrea helped me answer these questions so that I could  reorganize my closets, keep them that way, and go on myself to reorganize dresser drawers, kitchen closets, bookshelves, furniture, and yes, my whole apartment. She is an experience worth having!

LG, Manhattan


That was so much fun.

You are Socratic and therapeutic, supportive and effective. I was looking forward to seeing you but somewhat dreading the closet work. I now feel like I spent the day at a spa. I feel lighter.

Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and laughter.

J.T. Manhattan


Andrea is prodigiously talented at brilliantly and diligently organizing your stuff, whatever it might be in the most useful and aesthetic way, and with lightening speed.  She did it for me when I was required to move during a period of severe illness–she did a superb job, and I feel she saved my life under the crunch of evil circumstances.  You will never regret your decision to call on her for help for any job of organizing and winnowing whatever you may have that requires a magic wand.

D.E. California


Andrea Siegel is a terrific shopping and wardrobe consultant.   Her observation,  “You’re so much cuter than that dress,” has steered me away from more than one fashion disaster.    She leaves me feeling gorgeous after every clothes encounter.

L.L. Florida

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